Write About Your Life!

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Your stories are far more important than you realize! What will family members remember about you? What would you like for children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces, nephews and beyond to know about family history and the significant turning points and highlights of your life?  Unless your stories are preserved in some tangible form, those memories are forever lost. It is a tragedy for anyone to have been on this earth for decades and have their life story be reduced to a few factual statements hastily compiled in an obituary.

Consider events, experiences, individuals who influenced your life and values you would like to share with future generations. Do you recall family stories that you heard and would like to pass along? Don't take your stories to the grave! Don't allow your parents, grandparents, whomever your loved ones may be, to bury their memories and never really know about their experiences AND their feelings about those events. Certainly, they do not have to elaborate on every breath they have ever taken in life, but capture at least the highlights. One memory leads to another, and you will be amazed at the stories that will surface once the digging begins!

The very idea of tackling a memoir project of your own or for a loved one can seem horribly overwhelming. So here are some ideas on how to get started:


Whether you are male, female, a parent, grandparent, great-grandparent, aunt, uncle or happy to be a loner, your stories are equally valuable. Get bitten by the memoir writing bug today, and make a commitment to do something to capture your stories.

  • Join a local memoir writing group. Hearing the stories of others will definitely generate more of your own memories!

  • Order your copy of 7 Easy Steps to Memoir Writing: Build a Priceless Legacy One Story at a Time! See the page entitled Books by Mary Anne Benedetto for links to print and e-book formats.

  • Read several memoirs of people and circumstances that interest you. Reading their stories may be the inspiration you need!

  • Begin jotting down items that you want to include in your project--highlights, turning points, significant events

  • If writing is beyond your comfort zone, take a creative writing class at a local community college, online, or through a lifelong learning program.

  • If you are still writing-phobic, speak your stories into a handheld recorder as though you were telling them to a friend. The recordings can be transcribed and preserved in document form.

  • Check out The Memoir Network. Denis Ledoux has developed a beneficial program for folks at any stage of a memoir project! With a variety of resources to add layers to your project,  visit https://thememoirnetwork.com.

  • Start by filling in the blanks in the Mini-Memoir form. This was created by Mary Anne Benedetto to capture a glimpse of just a few favorite aspects in the lives of seniors. It also offers an opportunity to pass along some valuable words of wisdom. See the Mini-Memoir below. It is my gift to you and your family.


Name__________________________________________Age _____ Date________

Location where you spent your childhood _________________________________

Location where you have lived the longest   ________________________________

Favorite city and state where you have lived ________________________________

Favorite place that you have ever visited ___________________________________

Favorite song     _____________________________________________________

Favorite book     _____________________________________________________

Favorite movie   _____________________________________________________

Favorite television show   _______________________________________________

Favorite sport that you have ever played ____________________________________

Favorite sport that you have liked to watch __________________________________

Favorite activity from the past ___________________

Favorite activity now __________________________________________________

Favorite memory______________________________________________________________

Happiest moment from the past ____________________________________________________

What gives you the greatest joy today? ________________________________________________

What was your funniest experience?__________________________________________________


Describe your most spiritual moment_________________________________________________


What words of wisdom would you like to share with future generations?  ________________




Wishing you many good memories ...

Mary Anne Benedetto

*Artwork-Memoir writing bugs by Ally Benedetto