Learn how to easily share with others the significant moments of your life. Make available a collection of your written memories for loved ones to cherish. 7 Easy Steps to Memoir Writing removes the fear and apprehension of starting a memoir project.

This book is a compact, yet powerful toolkit for recalling those pertinent memories to include. With over 140 questions that provide topic prompts and a selection of sample stories from writers who have attended Mary Anne's workshops, you will be equipped to jump-start your memoir writing project or perhaps assist a loved one in preserving their own memories.

Future generations will be thankful to have in their possession the stories that you choose to write today!


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Never Say Perfect, though a stand alone book, continues the story of Laina and Dan Strickland.  Following a romantic second honeymoon in Pawleys Island, South Carolina, Dan Strickland mysteriously disappears at the airport. What secrets could he be hiding? Why had he seemed so loving and blissful during their vacation only to suddenly vanish? Will the weight of disaster cause Laina's faith to crumble?

From Pawleys Island to Cape May, New York City, and as far away as Milan, Italy, you will travel this emotion-packed journey with Laina, her family and her friends. Will they discover that one should "Never Say Perfect?"

Readers have recommended a warning not to begin reading this book late at night, as you will not be able to stop turning the pages. Sleep deprivation could result.


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Her high school nickname was "Hollywood" because her father worked in the Hollywood film industry. This astonishingly true story is about a perky Southern California girl who had it all. Amanda Sue Rose has told her story to Mary Anne Benedetto, revealing the details of her journey through life with four devious husbands. With each marriage, she anticipated sweet marital bliss, but what she ended up with was more like shriveled up dead flowers.


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Children and adults will enjoy capturing the life stories of those "other family members"--their adorable pets!

Using this simple guide, the story is formulated by answering the questions provided. Two sample pet life stories are also included as a good illustration of the possibilities.

Great for teachers, students and any loving pet owners, this book makes a fabulous gift or family project. Learn how to create a booklet with photos and text to forever preserve those special memories!


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Eyelash was the beginning. Mary Anne calls it her "experiment" in inspirational fiction writing. Hence the 99 cent introductory e-book price!

In Eyelash, Laina and Dan Strickland live in New York City, and she loves every moment of her life there. Dan insists that they chuck their jobs and purchase a bed and breakfast in Victorian Cape May, New Jersey.

With a drastic change in lifestyle, will their marriage survive? What happens when this woman of deep faith finds herself in a precarious situation of temptation?

Combining a touch of humor, a bit of mystery and a sprinkling of inspiration, the reader can curl up with Eyelash and be guided through some fascinating family relationships and beyond.

Available on Kindle, this book sets the stage for the second book in the series, Never Say Perfect.

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Mary Anne Benedetto's own travel memoir about a totally unexpected trip to Italy will make you feel as though you were right there beside her each step of the way!

Suddenly finding herself meeting three girlfriends in Rome, Italy in 2011 was an adventure she will never forget.

Helpful for first-time visitors to Italy, as well as repeat travelers, anyone can benefit by learning from their innocent rookie mistakes. From the rolling, green hills of Tuscany's wine country, the museums and shopping in Florence, the intense beauty and serenity of Sorrento, Capri and Positano, the eeriness of Pompeii, to the bustling streets and history in Rome, you will soon discover every aspect of their fabulous journey!


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